What is the difference between el and la? What are they used for?

What is the difference between el and la? What are they used for?

What is the difference between el and la? What are they used for?

What is the Difference between el and la?, Let’s talk about a quick explanation about el and la with Think & Free. Spain is a country in the Iberian Peninsula between Portugal and France. The country has a population of over 45 million. Spain, the 52nd largest country in the world, is indeed one of the most beautiful countries in Southwestern Europe. Madrid is the capital of Spain, covering an area of 604.3 km², with beautiful gardens and pristine museums. More than 3.2 million of Spain’s 45 million people live in the capital, Madrid. There are many reasons why Madrid is so famous in the world. For example, it is full of aristocrats and educated people. But our focus here is not on Spain or Madrid. Our focus here is on the Spanish language.

Spanish is spoken in about 21 countries around the world. But not without minor changes in the language. For example, these countries speak Spanish. Spain, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador, Paraguay, Guinea, Colombia, and Costa Rica. They all speak Spanish, but there are some differences. Spanish is the fourth most spoken language in the world, with 7% of the world’s population of over 500 million. Sometimes when writing some words in Spanish some words are use as la and some words as el.

What words start writing as la?

Simply la is equivalent to (the) in English.  But this is only use to describe feminine singulars. for example,

  • La mujer –  The woman
  • La gallina – The hen
  • La hermana – The sister
  • La niña – The girl
  • La señora – Mrs
  • La madre – The mother

Can be simply referred to as. But sometimes la is added to inanimate things.

  • La Leche – The milk
  • La Manteca – The butter
  • La Miel – The honey
  • La Copa – The Cup

There is one way you can easily find this. That is, there is often a greater chance that feminine verbs end in a.

  • La zanahoria  –  the carrot
  • La novela  –  the novel
  • La mesa  – the table
  • La película – the movie
  • La mariposa – the butterfly
  • La oreja – the ear

But there are times when this is not always the case. 

  • La verdad – the truth
  • La universidad – the university

But often it ends with the letter a. Also, las are used for feminine plurals. 

  • Las mujeres – the women
  • Las reinas – the queens
  • Las botellas de leche – the milk bottles
  • Las montañas – the mountains
  • Las cáscaras – the shells
  • Las gatitas – The kittens

With what kind of words does the word el occur at the beginning?

The word el is used in conjunction with the masculine word singular. There is a way to find it. It is noteworthy that these terms often end in the letter o. Also, as mentioned earlier, there are times when this is not the case. For example,

  • El Perro – the dog
  • El Pescado – the fish
  • El chico – the boy
  • El Gato – the cat 
  • El Gallo – the rooster
  • El Hermano – the brother

There are also instances where el is used for some nonverbal terms. Some such words may end in a or o.

  • El agua – the water
  • El coco – the coconut
  • El poder – the powder
  • El bolígrafo – the pen

They can be taken as an example. The word Los is often used to describe the plural of masculine words. It’s very easy to understand.

  • Los hombres – the men
  • Los perros – the dogs
  • Los extraterrestres – the aliens
  • Los dedos – the fingers
  • Los vegetales – the vegetables
  • Los juegos – the games

Spanish is not a difficult thing. But it is not very easy. The only thing is that it is very easy for anyone to understand. This is a very small part of the Spanish language. This does not lead to a conclusion about the language as a whole. But you can get a simple idea of that in your mind.

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