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top programming languages

top programming languages in 2022

How to start programming? What are the best programming languages today? Hello Everyone Welcome to Think & Free. Today programming is one of the popular concepts in the modern world with computer technology. Today I’m going to talk about five Programming Languages Every Programmer Learns. Let’s dive in.

The beginners have some problems, They need to figure out what is the best language for them, or what programming language they should learn. First, see what defines a computer programming language?

What is An Programming Language?

according to Wikipedia, A Programming language is a compressed set of computer instructions. If some program creates by using a Programming Language it provides some instructions to work with the system and those instructions depend on a Language and system. what are the Top Programming Languages today? And which programming language must every programmer learn today?. Why do these languages need to learn?. Step by step in this post you can get the idea.

1. Python Programming language

In my list first one is the Python Programming language. First thing First, let’s look at a simple intro to Python language.

Python is an interpreted, high-level and general-purpose language. This language was designed by Guido van Rossum. The first release of this language happened in 1991 (Python 0.9.0), In 2000 python released its newer version called python 2.0 (Python2). That version is the most popular version and Nowadays latest release of python is called Python3 (commonly). That is the history and brief description of Python Language, Now let’s see why python must learn today and also what are the trends and job market offer in this language.

– The Story About Python Language –

The Story About Python Language, History by Guido van Rossum.

Why Should we need to Learn Python today?

The Reason is today’s world’s most trending topics are Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and other Related topics mostly talk about Python. Why? and what is the thing they are most interested in with this language. Today python is the language, mostly used for Data Science. It has the most flexible modules and libraries. (NumPy, Pandas, PyMySQL, BeautifulSoup… etc).

That means sounds like, Python is one of the most commonly used languages today. The main reason this language is so popular today is, It’s easily understood and learned by us. And also it’s easy to handle and understand OOP (Object Oriented Programming) programming concepts.

According to the Stack Overflow survey Python got 3rd place in Most Loved Programming languages in 2020 and also python got 1st place in Most Wanted Programming languages in 2020.

Start Programming with Python:

2. Dart Programming language

Here is another most popular language nowadays, Dart is an Object-Oriented, C style, Class-based, Garbage-Collected programming language developed by Google. It’s Designed for client developments by the way Dart is also can use to program both server-side and Desktop programs. History of this language, The Dart was created by two people for Google in 2011 and it first appeared at the GOTO conference in Aarhus, Denmark, October 10–12, 2011.

If you have some knowledge about C#, java, C or any other language dart can be easily learned, It was the first reason why dart is so famous today. And It is really flexible language also dart has a very strong developer community. These are the main reasons why this language was so famous today. Why It should learn today? The answer is,

Dart is an optimized programming language for fast execution and runtime for multi-platforms. If someone interested in WEB, Desktop, or mobile application development, Dart is a great starting point for them I think. Also, it is a good language for beginners who don’t even know what is programming? Because it has a very strong community.

And one of the world’s most popular application development SDKs, The Flutter SDK, Also uses the Dart programming language.

Why Flutter uses Dart

3. Go Programming language

Do you want to learn how to build fast, efficient, and reliable software? Go is the language for you. This language was designed by Google and it is a statically typed high-level compiled programming language. Today most companies already migrated their developments with golang. For the examples, Microsoft, Bitly, CloudFlare, Dropbox, etc.

Go Language Features

  • It’s an open source language
  • Easy to understand and get started.
  • Go Syntax like Python and C
  • High level, Compiled language and supported by Google.

Android Go is the most popular project develops with Go language. It’s a another edition of Android operating system design for ultra-budget (Entry level) smartphones and devices.

These are the reasons why now Go is the another language every programmer should learn. Get Started with Go Language, follow the official guidelines here.

4. Java script

Javascript is also known as JS, is one of the major technologies on the World Wide Web alongside HTML and CSS. Most uses of JS were language for handling and controlling client-side processes. It is the most used as a client-side programming language by over 97% of all websites. Also, JS is the main language used in web browsers.

Features of JavaScript

  • Validating user inputs and it’s very useful while using forms
  • Platform Independent
  • Handling Dated and Time
  • Detecting the User’s Browser and OS
  • Platform Independent

Also It is a Object Oriented, Interpreted high-level programming language. First appeared in 1995 December 4. If Someone wish to programming with web or develop web applications, They should learn JS. And also it’s a good start point for web development and programming. Do you wish to start learning JS, start here.

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